Write a program that reads from an input screen n student test scores

Question 1

Exercise 3: Write a program that reads from an input screen n student test scores in the range 0- 100 and store these scores in a list. Your program should determine the number of students having scores in each of the following ranges: 0-59, 60-79, 80-89, and 90-100. Display the score ranges and the number of students. (Hint: store the ranges as a list). If you run your program with the following data: 76, 89, 100, 95, 90, 100, 76, 100, 50, 67, 78, 89, 77, 89, 98 Your output should be as follows: Number of students: 15 0-59 60-79 80-89 90-100 =— 5. 9. Your program should have at least these 3 functions: 1. main():displays the ranges and the number of students in each range 2. readData():reads data from input screen into a list 3. splitIntoRanges (): takes a list of scores and determines the number of students in each score range

Question 2

How did Theodore Roosevelt get his nickname Teddy? Theodore Roosevelt: U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was descended from a Dutch family that settled in New York in the early 1600s. Theodore is a common name in his family. His father was named Theodore. President Theodore Roosevelt also named one of his sons Theodore, and that son named his son Theodore as well. Theodore Roosevelt V, the great-grandson of President Roosevelt, was born in 1914 and he also had a son named Theodore! In all, there were at least six generations of Theodore Roosevelts in the family!
Question 3

Why did Queen Isabella put Christopher Columbus in jail? Admiral Don Francisco de Bobadilla: Don Francisco de Bobadilla was born in the Kingdom of Aragon in 1448. After his service as a knight commander of the Order of Calatrava in Aunon, he was appointed a judge to oversee the investigations of Christopher Columbus and his brothers. Bobadilla then took over the governorship of Hispaniola for the next two years after Columbus was sent to Spain to await trial.
Answer to question 1

code :-

# variables to store the number and marks of the students 
total = 0
marks = []
marks_range = [0,0,0,0]

# readData functions which read the data from user 
def readData():
    total = int(input(“Enter total number of student : “))
    for i in range (total):
        marks.append(int(input(“Enter marks : “)))
    return marks
#function to divide marks into given ranges of marks
def splitIntoRange():
    for i in marks:
        if 0<=i<=59:
        elif 60<=i<=79:
        elif 80<=i<=89:
        elif 90<=i<=100:
# main function to call other functions and displaying the data         
def main():
    print(“Number of student : “,total)
    print(“0-59    60-79    80-89    90-100 “)
    print(“=====   =====    =====    ====== “)
    for i in range(4):
        print(marks_range[i],end=’        ‘)
# check if code will call from this page only 
if __name__ == ‘__main__’:

Answer to question 2

Answer and Explanation: Theodore Roosevelt was nicknamed ‘Teddy’ because that is a common nickname for Theodore. Since his father was also named Theodore, it was less confusing to have his son called Teddy. His earliest nickname was actually ‘Teedie,’ which eventually became ‘Teddy.’ Some biographers have stated that Roosevelt did not like to be called Teddy.
Answer to question 3

Answer and Explanation: In 1500 A.D., Christopher Columbus was arrested and placed in jail due the brutal treatment of the indigenous population, the denial or rights to those of Spanish descent, and the tyrannical manner in which he ruled over the island of Hispaniola; which is now known as the Dominican Republic and Haiti. After many complaints were made by religious leaders and wealthy colonists, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella sent a royal commissioner, Admiral Don Francisco de Bobadilla, to investigate. Columbus was summarily arrested and placed in jail during the investigation. Bobadilla then sent him back to Spain, where he was tried by the King and Queen. Columbus then admitted to his actions and was stripped of the governorship position; however, he was freed and for a number of years struggled to find anyone to back his voyages to America.

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