Would you let your 13 year old have a WKD?

So, my teenage daughters been asking me if she’ll be aloud to have a few bottles of WKD while were on holiday this summer but I’m not sure? Would it be alright if it was just one bottle a night after a meal or not even every night 🙂 Thank you

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  1. When I was 13, I was allowed one WKD every so often or something like Baileys at Christmas and champagne at New Year as long as my parents were around. I think this was a really good idea on my mum’s part. It kind of de-glorified drinking for me. Most teenagers try drinking at that age in streets/parks with friends mainly to rebel and because they think it’s cool but because I was allowed small amounts anyway, I didn’t really see the big deal of drinking. I’m 17 now and still not so fussed about it, I drink alcohol at parties but my friends binge drink and drink huge amounts at parties whereas I’m more controlled because of the fact that I’ve been allowed it.

    EDIT: It isn’t illegal to allow her to have alcohol, by the way. As crazy as it sounds, it’s legal to allow your child to drink alcohol in the presence of parents from the age of 7 years old as long as it’s small amounts, basically as long as you aren’t getting your child drunk (which one WKD after a meal definitely wouldn’t).

  2. 1 WKD would be okay, but as a 16 year old you must realise that by giving her that 1 WKD you are allowing her to think you are ok with drinking, even if you tell her otherwise, so she will go out and drink with her friends which is probably not best seen as she is only 13. So if you don’t mind her drinking, sure let her have it, but i personally as a teenager, and from a mother view point.. I don’t think i would allow it

  3. I don’t think it’s very appropriate, a 13 year old doesn’t need WKD, a small glass of wine at dinner on holiday is fine. She has plently of time to try stronger alcohol and she will but in time. I wouldn’t encourage any strong alcohols at such a young age, she could abuse it and drink it without your permission and it could get seriously out of hand. for now she should just stick to the soft drinks and maybe a glass of wine with you at dinner in special occasions.

  4. Yeah I would say one everyone other night 🙂 I’m 14 and when I went to a wedding I had one bottle 🙂 the blue one is the best! I really want a wkd now -_- … Damn you! Haha! And my 13 year old friend has had it before x

  5. I was that age when my mum started letting me have the occasional small bottle of alcopop under her supervision and I’m 22 now and have always been a responsible drinker and it’s all down to how my mum went about letting me have that occasional one. She didn’t over promote it or make it look amazing, it was just a ‘grown up’ treat on special occasions like birthdays and christmas. Most of the kids my age were out on the streets getting older people to go into shops and buy alcohol for them and they’d sit in the street and gulp it down and cause trouble for anyone passing and they were the ones whose parents didn’t let them have that one at home so they decided to go elsewhere for it

  6. Hi! I think i can be a pretty good help on this question. I’m thirteen and last month we went on holiday and I asked the same. My parents weren’t sure but they let me have one but only when we were in our holiday home & i had two in the week we were there. The alcohol percentage is very low & they wont get drunk or anything like that. In my opinion letting your kids experience this teaches them to be careful. Have a great holiday!

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  8. wkd has hardly any alcohol in it at all its just like fizzy pop like lemonade and if shes drinking it with after a meal she wont feel drunk at all. If you let her have a drink with dinnertea what ever you call it she’ll learn to drink in moderation so she is less likely to what to go out and get drunk, well thats what my mum tought my sister to do do she didnt do it with me and i go out and drink all the time.

    hope you have a nice holiday xx

  9. You’re asking if she can drink coloured vodka? If it was YOU drinking it and you gave a small taste of it, then fine. However, give her several bottles to consume on her own isn’t good, especially one per night. Even if it has pretty colours or whatever. NO.

  10. No, 13 year olds do not need to drink vodka, even on holiday.

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