Would Deep Heat that is 3 years out of date still be ok to use?

7 Answers

  1. I would use it. I have eye drops for conjunctivitis that are three years out of date and they still work.

  2. No! This is a true story. My Mum gave my Dad some Deep Heat that was 2 years out of date. His face ballooned, reddened and oozed all this disgusting, green stench. He was ill for days and almost died.

    Nobody laugh…apart from the obvious person…

  3. I just used expired deep heat and damn it s hot! should be ok. 1.5 years past expiry date.

  4. should be ok but if its 3 years out of date, don’t eat it


  5. It won’t hurt to try it. It may still work.

  6. Put some in your underwear and find out 😉

  7. I dont think it would do any harm D..

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