will my contraceptive implant (nexplanon) affect metal detectors at the airport?

i know that nexplanon has barium in it, this causes it to show up on xx-rays at the hospital but will this show up at an airport?

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  1. My sister-in-law has the implant and she goes abroad all the time – she has never mentioned any problems at the airport through having that in her arm. If anything does happen, you just state that you have the implant. But I can’t see that there would be any problems with this.

  2. 1) The quantity of barium is so small as to not be an issue.

    2) The barium does not set off metal detectors, and any body image scanner only bounces the energy off of the surface of the skin; it does not see anything below the skin.

    3) I do not know how many women use that form of contraceptive, but I am certain the you are not the first to go through the airport screening with this. It will not raise suspicions. They will have seen it before.

  3. No, in view which you at the instant are not meant to take an iPod by a metallic detector, not that it would harm it in case you probably did. you may desire to leave your iPod on your carry-on bags or in a plastic bin for x-ray screening the place it will be situation to inspection from the x-ray gadget, not a metallic detector.

  4. your body does not get xrayed. metal detectors use kind of magnetic detectors.you will have no problem

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