Why does Jay call Silent Bob “lunchbox” in ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’?

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  1. because he’s overweight, food packer

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    In order of production; Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Clerks 2… Oh, and the horror movie Feast… But he’s only in it for a few minutes. But heres his full filmography; 9. Tom Cool (2009) 10. Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) …. Lester … aka Zack and Miri (USA: working title) (USA: promotional title) 11. Bitten (2008) (V) …. Jack 12. “Head Case” …. Frederick (1 episode, 2008) – El Finks (2008) TV episode …. Frederick 13. Netherbeast Incorporated (2007) …. Waxy Dan 14. Scarface: The World Is Yours (2006) (VG) (voice) 15. The Tripper (2006) …. Joey 16. Bottoms Up (2006) (V) …. Owen Peadman 17. “Minoriteam” …. Airport Security Guard (1 episode, 2006) – Tremendous Class (2006) TV episode (voice) …. Airport Security Guard 18. Jack’s Law (2006) …. Bobby Mewes 19. Clerks II (2006) …. Jay 20. TV: The Movie (2006) … aka National Lampoon’s TV the Movie (USA: complete title) 21. Feast (2005) …. Edgy Cat 22. Nice Guys (2005) …. Quebert … aka High Hopes (USA: new title) 23. My Big Fat Independent Movie (2005) (voice) …. Answering Machine … aka My Big Fat Indy Movie (USA: TV title) 24. The Pleasure Drivers (2005) …. Counter Monkey 25. Powder: Up Here (2004) (V) …. Evil Villain 26. Hardware: Uncensored Music Videos – Hip Hop Volume 1 (2003) (V) …. Jay (segment “Because I Got High”) 27. Pauly Shore Is Dead (2003) (as Jay Mewes) …. Jay the MC … aka Pauly Shore Is Dead (Australia) 28. High Times Potluck (2002) …. Guy 29. R.S.V.P. (2002/I) …. Terry 30. Hot Rush (2002) 31. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) …. Jay 32. “Clerks” …. Jay (6 episodes, 2000-2001) 33. Vulgar (2000) …. Tuott the Basehead 34. Scream 3 (2000) …. Jay 35. The Blair Clown Project (1999) …. Witness #3 36. Tail Lights Fade (1999) (uncredited) … aka Rallye, Le (Canada: French title) 37. Dogma (1999) …. Jay 38. Spilt Milk (1999) 39. Chasing Amy (1997) …. Jay 40. Drawing Flies (1996) …. Az 41. Mallrats (1995) …. Jay 42. Clerks. (1994) …. Jay

  3. He looks like a lunchbox.

  4. Because he ate A LOT!

  5. because he is full of food

  6. He’s fat & full of food

  7. Cause he’s fat. lol, Its hilarious.

  8. because he is chubby… its a fat joke.

  9. because he is fat

  10. FAT BOY

Relevant information

A four-issue comic book miniseries originally printed under the name Jay and Silent Bob, Chasing Dogma bridges the gap between Chasing Amy and Dogma, finally answering the question “Hey, what do you think Jay and Bob were doing around 1998?”

Here’s the basic synopsis: after Jay gets the two of them thrown out of Tricia’s house, they head to the mall’s department store to watch VHS copies of John Hughes movies. They get in a fight, get kicked out of the RST Video parking lot, head to Shermer, Illinois to try and sell weed to the Brat Pack characters, get verbally assaulted by Mister Rogers, land work on the set of an adult film directed by Neil Patrick Harris called Doogie Nights, and that’s all in the first two issues.

In a weird twist, issue three explores their adoption of an escaped orangutan and subsequent scrapes with a federal wildlife marshal, which will sound familiar to anyone reading ahead. Yes, the story of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back apparently happened twice. This all takes place in a world with like four different characters who look exactly like Jason Lee. Stranger things are going to happen.

At the end of the run, Jay and Bob discover that there is no Shermer, Illinois, and decide to bury their disappointment by heading to a family planning clinic to meet women. 

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