Why does eating sausages make me feel sick?

I’m a big meat eater, and have a very strong stomach. When I eat sausage along with other things, it’s not a problem at all. I love the taste of sausage. However, I end up feeling a bit sick after eating them regardless of the type of meat inside. Could it be the wrapping that’s causing this?

Any insight would be really helpful.

4 Answers

  1. It isn’t the wrapper. They nauseate a lot of people. For one, they are loaded with grease, and a lot of people will get gastric upset or spasms from excessive fat in one meal. Also, they have some spices in them that many people are very sensitive to. They are referred to often as a ‘rich’ food, meaning they feel heavy in the stomach due to fat content and seasoning.

  2. I guess it depends on how many sausages you are eating! They are generally loaded with fat

    unless you are eating chicken or turkey sausage. Another possibility is that there is something

    in the sausage that you are allergic to.

  3. sausage has a high fat and cholesterol content. when i eat anything like that i get really sick feeling.

  4. It’s probably because of the icky parts it’s made with i feeel that way to when i eat them. So i think im giving up on them.

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