Why do people say 2 plus 2 equals window? Easy 10 points?

4 Answers

  1. its one + one …

    look :

    | + | ( 1 + 1 )

    then add the = (equal sign) on top of | + |

    then you have a window

  2. first of all, it’s 1+ 1 = a window

    the 1’s should look like a long lower case L (so like this: l & l)

    then between the 1’s would be the plus (like this l+l)

    after that, you put one bar of the equal sign on top and the other one on the bottom to close it and make it a window

    What it should look like:




    (imagine the plus is MUCH longer, so ill look right and srry that i have to use the dash lines (it’s the closest i can do without making it look too weird))

    so now you got ur window

  3. Isn’t it 2 plus 2 equals fish?

  4. No, it’s 1+1= window. Let me explain:




    See? It’s a roughly drawn window. Just imaging that the ones are longer and the plus sign is larger.

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