Why do i seem fatter when i wear my contact lenses?

i feel and look wider and fatter when im wearing my contacts and i look smaller and narrower when i wear my glasses, whats up with that?

it really depresses me, i mean am i just fat and my glasses make me look skinny or its the other way around

also i have had these contacts for about a year idk if that actully makes a difference

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  1. What’s up with that is that apparently you are significantly nearsighted. When a nearsighted lens is placed in front of the eye in space ( when you wear glasses) the lens causes a minified image. When the lens is placed in contact with the eye (hence the name Contact Lens) there is no effect on image size. SO, when you wear your glasses everything you see looks smaller. When you wear your contacts there is no alteration of image size. If you wear to stop switching back and forth between the glasses and contacts, though, you would soon find that you would no longer notice nearly as much of a perception that you look fatter with your contacts. It’s when you switch back and forth that the difference is more noticeable.

  2. Sounds like the correction for astigmatism is different for the glasses vs the contacts. Google “astigmatism test” and try the various versions available on the web. Also link below for one of them.

    Also find round or square objects – a good round ball or an object that is a perfect square – look at the “known” objects and compare what you see with glasses, then contacts, then bare eyes. See if these object change shape. Make it a bit of a science experiment – you might figure it out on your own this way.

  3. properly, once you’re nearsighted, each little thing would be bigger — minus lenses, used for myopia (or nearsightedness), tend to make issues look smaller. you will observe this in the experience that your eyes look smaller than favourite by using your glasses. the version in length is somewhat small for small prescriptions, yet can arise to 5% or extra for extremely intense prescriptions. (once you’re farsighted, the alternative is actual — issues look smaller by using contacts and extra advantageous by using glasses.) all of it has to do with the optics of the touch lens being smaller, nearer to the attention, and extra curved. so some distance as actuality is going, with touch lenses, you’re seeing each little thing an identical length as a guy or woman with ‘favourite’ eyes who would not want glasses or contacts to confirm. in spite of the fact that, it takes some getting used to, because of the fact your recommendations is obviously used to watching issues that are smaller for the previous numerous years. you will desire to observe issues being bigger the two horizontally and vertically nonetheless; i do no longer understand why you think of you look fat. there is not any thank you to repair this, the two, different than switching decrease back to glasses. i could attempt and carry on with the contacts, donning them as much as plausible for a week or 2, just to confirm in case you may adjust to different length perception.

  4. Glasses for myopia make things look smaller in a mirror. Contacts do not.

  5. when I wear glasses or nothing on my eyes, I am the same size but do appear larger in the mirror with contacts, it just has to be the lenses.

  6. Are you using Acuvue Oasis? I had a similar problem. Went to the Acuvue Advanced with Hydraclear. I think they were just too thin for the shape of my eyes.

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  9. That is the wildest thing I have ever heard. I’m sure you are skinny & the contacts just make you feel bigger. Wild.

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