Why do I feel nauseous and sick after eating potato chips?

I always feel like I’m going to barf

This happens when I eat steak too

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  1. I’ll bet it’s all the grease and salt. Especially the grease. Some people’s stomachs just can’t handle it, just like some people get tummy trouble when they eat real spicy foods. Have you tried baked potato chips yet?

  2. All Lays products that I have used make me nauseated if I eat more than a cup full. I first noticed this with Fritos. No other potato chip brand I have eaten does this to me – even if I eat 2-3 cup fulls. It may be the type of oil, the amount of oil or the potato chips themselves. When I contacted Lays I asked them for specific information about the ingredients. The response I received was a request for the lot number and advise to stop eating the chips from that bag. Since I stopped eating Lays chips, I have yet to have this problem and like a lot of us, I do tend to over-eat chips.

  3. glad to find out that others have the same reaction to eating potato chips…lol! i think it is the oil the way it is absorbed

    by potatoes which makes chips harder to break-down/digest in the stomach. certain enzymes that are needed for this

    process may be lacking in some of us. i absolutely love potato chips and can t have just a few. for me effect is the same

    with any brand. lays claim no they add no…. preservatives according to their label.

  4. The nausea you have when eating cheese or drinking milk could be a sign of lactose intolerance. You might also be allergic to eggs. Eggs do not contain any dairy products. You should discuss these problems with your physician.

  5. This might be the oil, grease, and taste. If it tastes wierd it might mean that you have to drink water directly after eating these because you will feel nausea.

  6. its because of the fried oil! try eating baked lays chips!

  7. I get that when I chips, too. I think that it is the grease in them.

  8. So do I, it’s the chemical preservatives & the grease! Yeeech!

  9. must be the oil on them … and, if they’re too old, the oil can actually get rancid. Try pretzels instead:)

  10. do you react like this with other fatty foods or just chips?

    they do this to me, its IBS

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