why can’t i find remote.coj.net so i can view my work from home?

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  1. City of Jacksonville Remote Access

    I just tried the url http://remote.coj.net/ and it took me right to the log in screen

  2. Well, I feel a little of a lot with it. I was homeschooled for some of my high school years. I liked the fact that I could do it when I got up. And it helped when I had a job, because unlike the other teens I could stay later and work earlier. That is definatly a plus. The thing I didn’t like though, is if I wouldn’t have had a job, I would have had no friends. I stayed in the house all of the time, alone, the only friends that I had, where people that just so happend to talk to me on the street if I walked around. I hated it. Now at the age of 21 I still act 15 years old, because thats the age I last had people my age until just recently to hang out with.

  3. https://shorturl.im/axwmc

    I am home schooling for the first time, my 5th grader. It is called “accidental home schooling” because I never planned it. He has had some issues over the years at the public school that is supposed to be the best school in the best zone in the best district in our town, and frankly it STILL is lacking where he is concerned. My daughter has had no problems, but my son….I just finally got to the point where I wanted better for him. Since I am new to this I am not sure that this is better, but I had to give it a try and so far we spend about 1.5 hours of one-on-one every day and then about 2 hours of independent assignments (give or take). Since one of my goals is to help him with his least favorite subjects (reading & writing) it takes us MORE time than perhaps a typical home school. I think home school can be great! I also think home school can be a negative thing if you (the parent & teacher) are not a go-getter or motivated on some level. FYI: My stepkids have both been homeschooled to some degree (not by me) and they have both had positive experiences.

  4. Coj.net Property

  5. Coj.net

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