who sings the song in good luck charlie it’s christmas All that really matters is Christmas with you?

Turn down that street and memories come flooding in

The porch light is smiling like it’s asking me where you been

I need this more than ever and then I open the door

It’s like everything that’s on my mind just disappears

And I realize how much I’m missing you

But in this moment I know that it’s true

The only thing that matters

The only thing that matters

All that really matters is Christmas with you

Christmas with you

5 Answers

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB_cqR7A1Mg&feature…

    This is the only song I can find…

    Bridgit Mendler- I’m Gonna Run To You

  2. https://shorturl.im/axbTg

    Yes I am. Not sure the world needs that pain though! Happy Christmas to you sweetie.

  3. I’m trying to find that song to !!! The only answer I’ve got werre something from Teddy , Bridget Mendler. It’s like run to you or something !

  4. You watched that movie too? It was cute 🙂 I’m in the holiday spirit!!! 🙂 idk who sings it but maybe just google “good luck Charlie it’s Christmas” & they will show u list of songs I bet

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