Which sign of the zodiac tend to be the skinnest and the heaviest ?

A game me and my friends made up and were seeing which which people have the closest answers to ours = )

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  1. This is bullshit stereotyping. Any not even fair! In a lot of ways. You pick the answer that matches your assumption and you also insult all the signs, especially anyone that you call heavy. That’s such freaking bullshit!!

  2. Skinniest – Cancer and especially Virgos. I think Virgos are the best at maintaining themselves over the duration of their life.

    Heaviest – Aquarius people for some reason let themselves go as they get older. After that Libras tend to be heavyset, but they balance their weight and is often up and down. Aquarius hands down is the fatass of the zodiac. Geminis are right there too. Most air signs are fat because we use our minds instead of our bodies.

  3. I agree with Twilight. There is a very good reason that person has a top contributor badge in this forum.

    You and your friends would get a lot more out of astrology if you studied your entire charts, and those of the persons you’ve analyzed with regards to their weight.

  4. very interesting question.

    This really depends.

    Taurus is more likely to be heaviest. No matter the size. They have very strong sturdy bodies. Sagittarius and Aries as well. Both men and women have athletic body types, lots of muscle, so they’ll be the HEAVIEST.

    The signs that are the FATTEST, or LOOK the heaviest and may not be are Cancer, Gemini, and Pisces. These signs pack on weight like no one’s business, BUT, if you look closer, they have dainty or small features. They’ll have fleshy bodies but dainty fingers or a chiseled face. A round middle but toned legs. For example, i have huge thighs but tiny legs and long slender hands. My chest is wide too (but my bust is small). So these signs may look bigger because they are not as proportioned but those who are and are heavy are taurus and sag

    Skinniest would be Gemini, Cancer (wide but small) and Capricorn. That’s not to say they are exempt from being large, they just have fragile and light bones and tiny features. They have the feature of someone small whether they are big or not. They are more likely to be tiny tiny. Lots of top heavy Cancers out there, and large geminis with small hands and facial features. Smallest (height wise) would be Libra.

  5. Heaviest is Taurus

    Skinniest is Gemini

  6. Hmmm well I’m a virgo and im very tiny in size.Lol.Pretty interesting game!

  7. skinny: Pisces

    Heaviest: gemini

  8. skinniest i believe would be leo, capricorn

    heaviest i believe is cancer, pisces, aries

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