which protist exhibits both animal like and plant like characteristics

Question 1

What single , unique characteristic of a protist would be considered most animal – like ? Fungus – like ? Plant – like ?
Question 2

Which statement is correct?

A. Both protists and fungi are eukaryotic.

B. Like some prokaryotes, fungi are autotrophic.

C. Both animals and fungi lack cell walls.

D. Both plants and fungi undergo photosynthesis.

Question 3

Answer to question 1

Kingdom protista iis the most diverse group of eukaryotic organisms. They exhibit most diverese forms of obtaining nutrition, movement etc.

Like fungus, protists occur in both unicellular and multicellular forms, feeding on decaying organic matter, and reproducing by forming spores.

Also,some  protists resemble plants and algae as they are autotrophs and they produce their own food. Presence of chloroplast have been found in some species of protists.

Answer to question 2

Explanation: In 5 kingdom classification, only monera consists prokaryotic organisms

B and D are not correct as fungi are heterotrophs; they acquire their food by absorbing dissolved molecules, typically by secreting digestive enzymes into their environment. Fungi do not photosynthesise.

C is not correct as fungi have a cell wall made up of chitin.

Answer to question 3

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