which planet do most known extrasolar planets least resemble [Solved]

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Which planet do most known extrasolar planets least resemble? Looking for Earth’s: In recent decades, astronomers have located many extrasolar planets revolving around distant stars. So many have been found that it is becoming hypothesized that planetary systems are more the norm rather than the exception.
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Answer and Explanation: Even though astronomers have found a goodly number of extrasolar planets, one fact remains. Most of these do not orbit within a star’s “Goldilocks” zone that is a zone just far enough but not too far from a star to retain liquid water on the planet and in the atmosphere. Most are too close and are more like our Mercury and Venus planets, or they are too far away and are gas giants like Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, or Uranus, or simply rocks in space without atmospheres able to retain water like the many objects in our Kuiper belt region beyond Uranus that contains the former planet Pluto and many, many more rocky planetoids. So the planet these extrasolar planets LEAST resemble is Earth.
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I will choose HD28185 b as it’s mass is larger than the mass of jupiter as per the theory.

ANother reasons being

1. The palnet’s eccentricity is low (0.05) so there will be less difference between the planet’s highest and lowest temperataure.

2. This planet’s orbit lies between the defined habitable range.

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