which of the following statements is true about brain development

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Answer to question 1

Ans –  ( 3 ) Extensive brain development continues after birth through infancy and later.

Explanation –  brain development is prolonged process of development which first begin at 2week of conceiving and then continue in young adulthood upto to the age of 20’s 

The basic structure of the brain begin at the very parental period and then later all other functions gets developed . 

Thus this statement about brain development is right .

And the other options mentioned are wrong as development doesn’t stop after first year of birth it continues to later .

And it is normal of normal for brain development of continue after birth and mature babies and both premature babies brain gets developed after birth .

Answer to question 2

Answer 46. C   

Brain development continues after birth through infancy and later.Brain development process begins in the third week of post conception and continues until second decade of an individual’s life.

Answer 47: C 

Frontal lobe palys role in many higher level functions of the brain. Functions such as reasoning,thinking,personality expression, voluntary movement,sequencing of complex multistep movement are based in frontal lobe.

Answer 48. A

Neuroconstructivist view explains how gene-gene interaction and  gene-environment interaction plays vital role in brain development.

Answer to question 3

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