Which Of The Following Statements Is Most True Concerning Feedback Mechanisms?

Question 1

Question 2

Which statement about feedback control systems is incorrect?

A) Most control systems of the body act by negative feedback

B) Positive feedback usually promotes stability in a system

C) Generation of nerve actions potentials involves positive feedback

D) Feed-forward control is important in regulating muscle activity

Question 3

Which Of The Following Statements Is Most True Concerning Feedback Mechanisms?

A) They are most useful when interviewing knowledge workers.

B) They increase an interviewer’s reliance on his or her “gut feelings.”

C) They are conducted in a similar manner as audition-type interviews.

D) They are useful only for interviewing non skilled workers.

E) They increase the effectiveness of the interview technique.

Answer to question 1

Answer:Negative feedback mechanism work to prevent sudden severe changes within our body .

It maintains body’s homeostasis.It controls body temperature and blood glucose level.If our body temperature falls down , hypothalamus itself will initiate many physiological changes and elevates the body temperature .

Answer to question 2

Answer and Explanation:

The answer is option (E)

Behavioral Structured Interview:

  • Standardized and systematic questions formed by experts are asked in behavioral structured interview to all candidates.
  • Use a pre-determined rating scale to evaluate them and rate their performance. This method of interview reduces the subjective and biased behavior of the interview panel.
  • This method of interview increases the authenticity and honesty of information collected in the recruitment process.
  • Questions asked in this interview are based on job related procedures which increase the content quality of questionnaires asked in the interview.
  • The interviewer is more interested to know candidate’s behavior and reaction when they face any crisis or problem in their previous job.

Answer to question 3

The correct answer is option B because negative feedback systems promote stability while positive feedback systems promote the system going to one extreme. For example, the positive feedback system is used during childbirth to increase contractions and also is a mechanism for diseases like atherosclerosis. Option A is incorrect because it is true, most control systems are negative, such as blood sugar regulation, thermoregulation, and many other homeostatic mechanisms. Option C is incorrect because it is true, a local action potential in a nerve triggers another local action potential adjacent to it, thereby propagating the action potential down the nerve axon. Option D is incorrect because it is true, to make coordinated muscle movements predictions of how the muscles should behave are used before sensory input is provided; this is a feedforward mechanism in contrast to a feedback mechansim.

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