Which of the following statements concerning saturated fats is true

Question 1

Which of the following statements concerning “unsaturated fats” is true?

A) They are more common in animals than in plants.

B) They have double bonds in the carbon chains of their fatty acids.

C) They are solid at room temperature.

D) They contain more hydrogen than saturated fats.

E) They have fewer fatty acid molecules per fat molecule.

Question 2

Which Of The Following Is Not True Concerning Fats And Lipids?

Question 3

Which Of The Following Statements Concerning Saturated Fats Is Not True?

Answer to question 1


The source for the unsaturated fats is plants rather than animals. Therefore, this statement is false.


The double bonds are present in the carbon chains of the unsaturated fats.


The structure of the unsaturated fats is so that they cannot be present in the solid-state. Therefore, the unsaturated fats are present in the liquid state at room temperatures.


The unsaturated fats have double bonds present within the chains while the saturated fats do not have double bonds. This implies that the saturated fats have more number of hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon atoms. Therefore, this statement is false.


The unsaturated fats do not have less number of molecules of fatty acids.

Therefore, the correct answer is option B.

Answer to question 2

Which of the following is not true concerning fats and lipids?

Trans fats are naturally occurring fats that raise cholesterol levels.

Answer to question 3

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