Which Of The Following Statements About Monosaccharides Is True?

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Answer to question 1

Q.17)Monosaccharides are  basic class of carbohydrate combined through glycosidic bonds to form higher chain carbohydrate.They have general formula (CH2O)n.Here a carbonyl group present.Monosaccharides may be ketose or aldose based on the position of carbonyl bond.If it is present in the middile of the chain then  it will be a ketose(fructose) and if it is in the end side then it will be a aldose family(Ribose).Some of the monosaccharides prefentially adopt cyclic form whose carbon atom no. 5 or 6 .Monosaccharaides are carbohydrate they do not further hydrolysed.

So Ans of Q.17 is Monosaccharides contain glycosidic bonds.(True)


Phospholipids are lipid molecule.This molecule has two part one head containing phophate group which is hydrophillic end and two hydrophobic tail side where fatty acids joined by an alcohol residue. Thus they are amphipathic.Phospholipids may be built  glycerol or sphinogosine a more complex alcohol.A phospholipids have two fatty acids found in cell membrane.and form lipid bilayer-Glycerophopholipid and sphingolipid.No additional alcohol present here.

Ans. Phospholipids containing an additional alcohol contain phophodiester bond.(False)

Answer to question 2

The answer is: Table sugar is a polysaccharide.

     Scientifically table sugar is a sucrose which is a disaccharide consists of 50% of glucose and 50% of fructose.

So table sugar is not a polysaccharide and the remaining all the statements are true about polysaccharide.

Answer to question 3

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