Which of the following statements about electromagnetic radiation is true

Question 1

Question 2

Which one of the following statements is not true about electromagnetic radiation? Explain.

Answer to question 1

1) Wavelength and frequency are directly proportional.FALSE

reason : Wavelength and frequency are inversely proportional

2) All electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed. TRUE

reason All electromagnetic waves travel same speed which is 3 x10^8 m/s

3)The velocity of electromagnetic waves varies inversely
with frequency.FALSE
reason :All electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed.

All electromagnetic waves have the same wavelength.FALSE

reason:Each wave has different wavelength

All types of electromagnetic radiation have the same energy.FALSE
reason: Energy depends on frequency/wavelength. when these quantity change
energy changes

Correct option
All electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed

Answer to question 2

Option (d) is not true about electromagnetic radiation.


Electromagnetic waves need not waste time with a material medium to engender. Wave is an unsettling influence, when this wave enters a medium it essentially sets the particles of the medium to vibrate this vibration is passed from one molecule to different along these lines the wave is moved in a medium.


Electromagnetic radiation is a type of energy that proliferates as both electrical and magnetic waves going in bundles of energy called photons. In a vacuum, electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light, generally meant c. In such a wave, time-changing electric and attractive fields are commonly connected at the right edges and opposite to the bearing of movement.


As indicated by certain researchers, high levels of electromagnetic radiation can influence your body’s sensory system capacity and cause harm to cells. Different symptoms may include fatigue, lack of concentration, dizziness, irritability, loss of hunger and weight loss, restlessness, and so forth.


In electromagnetic waves, electric field and attractive field are opposite to one another and the heading of the proliferation of the wave. The bearing of engendering is given by ∧n=∧E×∧Bn∧=E∧×B∧. The electric field collapses when the source is taken out, henceforth it isn’t a self-supporting field.


Light waves over the electromagnetic range carry on in comparative ways. At the point when a light wave experiences an article, they are either reflected, transmitted, refracted, polarized, diffracted, or dispersed relying upon the synthesis of the item and the frequency of the light.

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