which of the following is not a function of blood [Solved]

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Which of the following is NOT a function of the kidneys?

Options Storage of urine

They are all functions of the kidneys

Filtration of wastes from the blood

Regulation of blood volume
Answer to question 1

Answer to question 2

1)The answer for this question is option three  carry out gas and nutrient exchanges. This is not the function of  blood vessels because the exchange of gas and nutrients between blood and tissue which occurs in cappilaries (Cappilaries are tiny vessels which branch out from arteroils to form a network).

Option first :The transport of blood and blood components which passes throughout the blood vessels.

Option second:Blood which passes through arteries (blood vessels) through pressure generated by heart beat.

Fourth option: Regulate blood pressure the blood flow through body is regulated by the size of blood vessels.

Answer to question 3

The correct option is ,a. Blood sugar regulation is not a function of kidney , it is maintained by pancreas. Kidney help in production of red blood cells by Erythropoietin hormone. It also regulates blood pressure by maintaining osmotic balance in body.


Answer to question 4

Storage of urine. 

Explanation- storage of urine is a function of urinary bladder, not the kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for filtration of blood to remove waster products from the blood and convert it into urine. This urine goes from kidneys to the urinary bladder via ureters. In bladder, the urine is stored.

The kidneys also regulate the blood volume by increasing or decreasing the water content of the blood. 

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