which nims structure makes cooperative multi-agency decisions [Solved]

Question 1

  1. NIMS Components are adaptable to planned events such as sporting events.


  1. Which NIMS guiding principle supports interoperability among multiple organizations? A. Adaptability
    B. Standardization
    C. Flexibility
    D. Unity of Effort
  2. Which communications management practice includes specifying all of the communications systems and platforms that parties will use to share information? A. Standardized Communication Types
    B. Policy and Planning
    C. Equipment Standards
    D. Agreements
  3. Which NIMS structure makes cooperative multi-agency decisions? A. Incident Command System
    B. Joint Information System (JIS)
    C. MAC Groups
    D. Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  4. Which resource management task includes activating local resource requirements, if available? A. Order and Acquire
    B. Reimburse and Restock
    C. Mobilize
    D. Track and Report
  5. Which organizations should be involved in commmunications planning? A. All Stakeholders
    B. Area Command
    C. MAC Groups
    D. Planning Section
  6. Which NIMS Command and Coordination structures are offsite locations where staff from multiple agencies come together? A. Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs)
    B. Joint Information System (JIS)
    C. Incident Command Structure (ICS)
    D. MAC Group
  7. Which ICS structure enables different jurisdictions to jointly manage and direct incident activities with a single incident action plan? A. Joint Information Center
    B. Unified Command
    C. Area Command
    D. Incident Management Team
  8. Which EOC configuration aligns with the on-scene incident organization? A. Strategic Joint Command Structure
    B. Incident Support Model (ISM) structure
    C. ICS or ICS-like EOC structure
    D. Departmental Structure
  9. When an incident occurs or threatens, local emergency personnel manage response using NIMS principles and ICS. If the incident is or becomes large or complex, ____. A. Local EOCs activate.
    B. A Unified Command is established.
    C. Federal authorities assist.
    D. Mutual Aid Agreements are executed.

Question 2

propose some decisions that the Multi-Agency Coordination Group needs to make (decisions that are above your pay grade or to resolve conflicts). List major, executive-level decisions only and prioritize them. Briefly explain the basis or rationale for the decision you seek and the objectives or, if it is denied, the consequences

Question 3

Why is multi-agency coordination so challenging in an emergency? Provide some recommendations to improve multi-agency coordination.

Answer to question 1


2 B. Standardization

3 D. Agreements

4 D. Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Answer to question 2


I work in a agri-commodity trading company started by a Indian company manufacturing tractors. The top management of the company do not have agri trading background and therefor do not realize the importance of risk management in agri trading.

i would want formation of a risk committee to evaluate various risks like currency risks, credit risk, quality risk etc. I would want adoption of the Value at Risk model which will give weight to these risks and arrive at proper risk mitigation measures that will benefit the company in the long run and make expansion into agri sector a success for the company.

If the proposal is not accepted then the company will run the risk of getting into losses and going bankrupt.

Answer to question 3

Multi agency coordination is so challenging during an emergency because the environment in the emergency management takes place is highly dynamic. The emergency incident is highly complex, and complexities arise because of the agencies and people working together are from diverse backgrounds, competencies, knowledge, procedures and skills. The lack of coordination is another of the prime reason due to which multi agency coordination is so challenging during an emergency. 

Recommendation to improve multi-agency coordination:

a. Usage of artificial intelligence tools to translate into official language in order to language barrier issues. 

b. Smart devices and sensors can be worn by field responders that will be sent to the software agents, allowing task identification, and proper coordination. 

c. A resource manager can be recruited in order to assess the resources best suited for completing a specific task. 

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