which geologic feature is composed of the youngest crustal bedrock

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Which geologic feature is composed of the youngest crustal bedrock? A) Peru-Chile Trench B) Mid-Atlantic Ridge C) Adirondack Mountains D) San Andreas Fault Geologic Features: A geologic feature refers to the physical features formed naturally on the earth’s surface. They are formed through geologic processes, including vulcanicity, erosion, earthquakes, faulting, and folding. Examples of geological features are caves, mountains, beaches, and valleys.
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1) polished rock on the surface of the bedrock. ​​​​​​

2) Continental crust is thicker than the oceanic crust; continental crust is less dense than oceanic crust,the oldest continental crust is older than the oldest oceanic crust, and the continental crust is composed of a variety of rock types, whereas oceanic crust is composed of basalt and gabbro.

3) Salt crystal growth within rock features. ​​​​​​​​​​
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The correct answer is B) the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge, sometimes known as a divergent plate, is an underwater mounting system located on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Volcanic eruption at the seafloor produces crustal bedrock made up of basalt and a new ocean floor when the plates spread apart.
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