Which fruit do you like the most and why?

Is it because of the taste, texture, smell, shape or color that you like a fruit best?

24 Answers

  1. probably strawberries, apples, or cherrys i love their flavors

  2. My favorite fruit of all times is Boyseberry. I like like because of the texture, color, and size. Also the taste is so sweet and juicy at the same times

  3. this is a very hard question! i used to eat fruits because of their colors…like oranges. when i was little i would want orange everything so that was an easy fruit to try and give me. i love banans for the taste…whenever im feeling crappy i have a banana and or orange…sometimes combined in a smoothie. i only like brown pears…they taste different to me and some of my friends think im crazy because they say a pear is a pear and an apple is an apple. that’s soooo not true! especially with the tart apples like granny smiths and the sweet ones like fujis. i just love fruits!

  4. I like Pomegranate and most of the berries (strawberry, raspberry etc…..)………Because in addition to great taste and look i see plenty of +ve benefits by consuming these….pomegranate helps to keep blood running in the best form and takes care of memory as well …..Berries provides best antioxidants to take care of various metabolism in our body……..but its the matter of choice.

    Note: Each fruit has its own unique property? God made this to serve human for different functionality. The choice varies from individuals taste and availability

  5. i like all the fruits which i have tasted because of their taste smell

  6. I love Jack fruit because its good smell and sweetness, orange for its smell and taste, cashew nut fruit for its taste, mango for its taste and watermelon for its juicyness

  7. Mango, the king of fruits. the taste,texture, shape and color of mangoes attract every one. ie why it is called King.

  8. Bluberries because they taste so good and they are one of the best fruits for you that you can eat.


    Blueberries are low in calories, high in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins C and E. Eating blueberries may help us fight cancer, diabetes, reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease and lower bad cholesterol levels. Consumption of blueberries may also improve eyesight, sharpen memory and help prevent Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. These tasty berries have also been proven effective against urinary tract infections, reversing skin wrinkling and shows positive results in children with ADD.

  9. i love strawberries (:

    and oranges

    i love the smell aswel as the taste, also they are pretty to look at.

    I can’t eat mango because the texture is weird lol

  10. My favourite is strawberry

    I like the taste of it

  11. My favorite kind of fruit would definitely have to be Gala Apples. Yummm =]

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