Which attribute is mutually shared by nucleus, rough endoplasmic [Solved]

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Explain how gender, sexual orientation, and culture influence an individual’s self-concept and affect communication in a group. Communication: Communication is the process of exchanging thoughts sand ideas between individuals and groups. This communication can be completed either vocally or through non-verbal manners. In addition, communication can be written and can be completed through images.
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Explain the communication process that occurs in the workplace, and describe how it is similar or different for leaders, managers, and followers. Communication process in a workplace: Any business organization spends a better part of its daily functions sharing information with anyone associated with it, for example, employees, suppliers, customers, and investors. Communication is a process that involves conveying information between two or more parties. The communication process is described as steps that an organization uses to share workplace information effectively. It consists of a sender, message, medium of communication, and receiver.
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During the creative process, Taco Bell considered a number of different slogans, finally setting on Live Mas! The Live Mas! campaign reinforces Taco Bell’s position as a dynamic brand whose customers enjoy experiencing the world and trying things first. Live Mas! is Taco Bell’s _____ in the communication process.

a. noise

b. message

c. channel of communication

d. response

e. feedback

A communication process is defined as a sequential process that shows how the message moves from one intended person to another intended person. The communication process moves in different parts, and each part plays an important role in making this process effective.

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The answer provided below has been developed in a clear step by step manner.
Step: 1

Cells based on their composition are distinguished among prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells. The prokaryotic ones are not well organized in terms of the organelle. Biochemical changes occur in the cytosol of prokaryotes and there is a lack of membrane-bound organelles and labor is un-distributed among the same. The nucleolus also can be stated as a primitive or under-developed nucleus. In eukaryotic cells, there are multiple cell components among which the functions of cells are distributed. Well-developed nucleus and organelles like mitochondria, plastids (in plant cells), Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, centrosomes, peroxisomes, endoplasmic reticulum, etc. are found in such kinds of cells.


Ribosomes are not considered organelles and are taken as macromolecules as they are not membrane-bound structures and are composed of protein and nucleotide subunits that join with the aid of Magnesium di-positive ions. Different kinds of ribosomes exist in sites such as prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells’ cytoplasm, on cell organelles like the rough endoplasmic reticulum, and mitochondria and plastids.Step: 2

The organelles are considered organelles due to certain reasons, membrane-bound organelles are distinct features of the eukaryotic cells. In prokaryotes, the nucleus is also under-developed and not properly membrane-bound.

The attribute that is mutually shared by the nucleus, rough endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondrion, and Golgi apparatus is that they are encircled by at least one plasma membrane.

Option B is the correct option.

Explanation of the incorrect option:

The protein synthesis occurs in the cytoplasm and the synthesis of it within the nucleus is not yet proven thus it is considered that no protein synthesis occurs in the nucleus, Golgi bodies help in protein sorting and not in synthesis. Rough endoplasmic reticulum aids in protein synthesis and due to the presence of mitochondrial ribosome the protein synthesis occurs in mitochondria as well.

Option A is incorrect.

Not every mentioned organelle plays a vital role during cell division that is during the mitotic phase of the cell cycle. The organelles grow and divide during the Interphase and the protein required for the division is also synthesized beforehand, thus in the mitotic phase, there is no significant function of other organelles but the nucleus.

Option C is incorrect.

It is well known that the membrane-bound organelles are not the commonly occurring bodies in all kinds of living systems. The cells that are primitive lack these organelles, bacteria do not possess membrane-bound cell organelles. Red blood cells in humans which are complex eukaryotic multicellular organisms lack cell organelles.

Option D is incorrect.


The membrane-bound organelles are constituents of the cell and perform different cellular functions. All the cell organelles are placed on the cytosol of the cell. The nucleus is a well-developed structure and is considered the brain of the cell as it holds the genetic information for all the biochemical changes that must happen with the cell and its organelles.

Among the mentioned organelles the major common attribute is that all of these organelles possess at least one plasma membrane. These are all membrane-bound and compartmentalized cell entities that perform functions accordingly. Rest all the other options are incorrect as these attributes are not common among all the mentioned cell organelles. Option B is the correct option.

Answer to question 2

Answer and Explanation: Each of the three components of gender, sexual orientation, and culture influence an individual’s self-concept greatly and has a high impact on communication in a group. First, gender has an impact on how we communicate and our self-concept. Gender is how we identify ourselves and impact how we communicate with other group members of the same gender and of the opposite gender. In addition, a person’s gender can impact how they identify others in a group. Sexual orientation is a natural offshoot of how we identify ourselves as a gender. Sexual orientation helps explain who and how we are attracted to others. Communicating towards a desired mate or partner can impact how one communicates. Finally, culture probably has the most impact on how an individual’s self-concept and communication. Cultures all over the world have different opinions about what is attractive and why it is attractive, thus impacting self-concept. Also, different cultures have different expectations on how communication should take place and which genders should communicate. Some cultures do not allow members of other genders to communicate with one another unless they are married. All of these areas can have a significant impact on the communication in a group.
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Answer and Explanation: In this case, the sender (management) encodes the information or idea to be communicated to the employees. An appropriate channel is selected; a channel describes how the message will reach the employees. The management must choose a suitable medium to disseminate the message. Then the receiver (employees) receives the information and decodes it. This stage in a communication process determines if the communication is effective. Feedback is the last step in the communication process, continuing the cycle. Feedback helps to determine if the information was understood. Appropriate and effective communication at a workplace improves productivity and job satisfaction; following the necessary steps when communicating is critical in any business organization. The communication process is similar in every scenario; everyone hopes that the message will be effective when passing information; that includes communication from Leaders, managers, and followers. They all follow a similar process to convey their information. Communication must consist of all the elements for the information to be effective.
Answer to question 4

Answer and Explanation: The correct answer is b) message. The message is the most important part of the communication process, which helps to convey to the audience what an organization or individual wants to deliver. The slogan Live Mas! plays the role of message for Taco Bells. It defines or conveys the intention of Taco Bell to its audience, hence, considered as a message. Reasons for incorrect options: Option a) It is incorrect because noise creates a disturbance in the communication process. Option c) It is incorrect because the channel of communication defines the mode through which the message is delivered. Option d) It is incorrect because a response is given for the message from the receiver’s side. Option e) It is incorrect because feedback is given from the receiver’s side.

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