Which Attribute Is Mutually Shared By Nucleus, Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

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True or False: line is related to worship in the beginning. Religions: Religions can be defined as a group of systematic beliefs, rituals, morals, traditions, customs, and/or cosmology that are typically related to the worship of one or many divine beings. Some examples are Christianity, Jainism, and Islam.
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What is the basic formula of the Malthus theorem? Malthus Theorem: A Malthusian growth model can be defined as an exponential growth model based on the assumption that the function is proportional to the rate at which it expands. It is also known as simple exponential growth model,
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Who was Alice Dunbar Nelson? Alice Dunbar Nelson: Alice Dunbar Moore was born in New Orleans to mixed-race parents of American French and African American in 1875. She was an educator, having enrolled in teaching training at Straight University in 1890. She authored books, wrote poems and diaries, and was involved in social rights activism, especially for women, making her famous in America.
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Among the mentioned organelles the major common attribute is that all of these organelles possess at least one plasma membrane. These are all membrane-bound and compartmentalized cell entities that perform functions accordingly. Rest all the other options are incorrect as these attributes are not common among all the mentioned cell organelles. Option B is the correct option.The answer provided below has been developed in a clear step by step manner.

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Cells based on their composition are distinguished among prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells. The prokaryotic ones are not well organized in terms of the organelle. Biochemical changes occur in the cytosol of prokaryotes and there is a lack of membrane-bound organelles and labor is un-distributed among the same. The nucleolus also can be stated as a primitive or under-developed nucleus. In eukaryotic cells, there are multiple cell components among which the functions of cells are distributed. Well-developed nucleus and organelles like mitochondria, plastids (in plant cells), Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, centrosomes, peroxisomes, endoplasmic reticulum, etc. are found in such kinds of cells.

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The organelles are considered organelles due to certain reasons, membrane-bound organelles are distinct features of the eukaryotic cells. In prokaryotes, the nucleus is also under-developed and not properly membrane-bound.

The attribute that is mutually shared by the nucleus, rough endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondrion, and Golgi apparatus is that they are encircled by at least one plasma membrane.

Option B is the correct option.

Explanation of the incorrect option:

The protein synthesis occurs in the cytoplasm and the synthesis of it within the nucleus is not yet proven thus it is considered that no protein synthesis occurs in the nucleus, Golgi bodies help in protein sorting and not in synthesis. Rough endoplasmic reticulum aids in protein synthesis and due to the presence of mitochondrial ribosome the protein synthesis occurs in mitochondria as well.

Option A is incorrect.

Not every mentioned organelle plays a vital role during cell division that is during the mitotic phase of the cell cycle. The organelles grow and divide during the Interphase and the protein required for the division is also synthesized beforehand, thus in the mitotic phase, there is no significant function of other organelles but the nucleus.

Option C is incorrect.

It is well known that the membrane-bound organelles are not the commonly occurring bodies in all kinds of living systems. The cells that are primitive lack these organelles, bacteria do not possess membrane-bound cell organelles. Red blood cells in humans which are complex eukaryotic multicellular organisms lack cell organelles.

Option D is incorrect.

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Answer and Explanation: The statement provided by the problem can be true or false depending on the context it is in and the definition of the term “line”. In some cultures, physical lines i.e., continuous figures that connect two points, can be related to worship. It can act as a mark that separates a holy space and our space. Lines in a text (e.g., the Bible) can also be related to worship. That being said, in some cultures lines have no bearing whatsoever in the act of worship.
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Answer and Explanation: Basic Formula of the Malthus Theorem: The Malthusian Theory of Population is a theory of arithmetic population and food supply increase. According to the theory, the food supply will be unable to keep up with population expansion, leading to sickness and starvation. The formula for the Malthus theorem is derived from the concept of growth rate. As per the Malthusian Model specified by the various researchers, the basic formula of the Malthus theorem is as follows: W t = f ( N t ) b t = g ( W t ) where W t is the wage rate (at time t), N t is the size of the adult group (at time t) and b t is the crude birth rate (at time t). Also, the functions specified in the formula play a crucial role. The f(.) function defines the wage/employment connection in the labor market in relation to the region’s economy, whereas the g(.) function specifies the impact of labor market reward on fertility in a specific location.
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Answer and Explanation: Alice Dunbar Nelson was an African American essay writer, activist, poet, novelist, and diary writer. Dunbar Nelson existed during the time of the Harlem Renaissance, a cross-culture artistic event of the African American people after the First World War. She was famous for uniting other black writers through her short writings of poems, novels, and book stories and reviewing other writers’ work. Being a daughter of a Creole seaman, Dunbar Nelson extended the Creole culture by writing extensively about it and its integration with different American cultures. She furthered her industrial art studies at Pennsylvania School and the Cornell University, giving her skills to teach art up to college levels. Some of her short stories were Violet and Other Tales, Opportunity, Ebony and Topaz, and Crisis. She was married to Paul Laurence in 1898 and divorced in 1902, later married to Arthur Callis in 1910 but separated and finally married Robert J. Nelson in 1916. Dunbar’s political work focused on women’s suffrage movements through her famous work in journals, magazines, and newspaper essays. She died in 1935 from heart disease in a Philadelphia hospital.

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