which algebraic expression represents the phrase four times a number

Question 1

Which algebraic expression represents the following: the sum of four times a number and six? a. [{MathJax fullWidth=’false’ \;4\left(x + 6\right) }] b. [{MathJax fullWidth=’false’ \;4\left(x \cdot 6\right) }] c. [{MathJax fullWidth=’false’ \;4x + 6 }] d. [{MathJax fullWidth=’false’ \;x + 4 \cdot 6 }] Sentence to expression : We can translate a sentence into an expression by using algebraic operations. Here, we use + for “more than”, – for “less than, multiplication for “times” etc.

Question 2

Question 3

Simplify the expression. Write with positive exponents only. [{MathJax fullWidth=’false’ \displaystyle \frac{10x^5y^4}{15x^3y^9} }] Simplifying Rational Expressions:

Answer to question 1

Answer to question 2

Answer to question 3

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