Where to find a Micro SD in my house?

I need a micro sd NOW! Just those small little thing you know? I need it now, so dont tell me to buy one. Is there anyway to find one around my house? Or make one to fit, like a usb or something.

4 Answers

  1. if you dont know weather or not you have one…. you probably dont….. so run to walmart or bestbuy and get one. $20 easy. 5 min max.

  2. plugged into a computer, in a draw, cubord, places like that..ask the technical person in your family if they have one, hope i helped.:-)

  3. There might be one in an old cell phone. You might be using one in an SD adapter and it’s installed in a full-sized slot, like in your Wii or a camera.

  4. If you live at best buy its in da bak of da store

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