Where is the Starter on a 2007 Nissan Quest?

Hello everyone,

Our 07 Nissan Quest all of sudden doesn’t turn on anymore. I left to the store this morning, came back and then tried to go out 2 hours later and nothing. The battery is fine and strong… all the instrument and electrical things work like wipers, lights (bright), radio, etc.. When I turn the ignition over I hear a click and nothing afterwards. The check engine light on the instrument panel comes on when I turn the ignition like it should along with the rest of the lights.

I know what the starter looks like but I can’t find it at all. The engine bay is so tight in my Quest that I can’t see wehre the + cable from the battery is going. There are like 4 cables coming from the positive side of the battery all wrapped in a wire harness. Two of them are going to the bottom left in a vacuum shaped type of tube.. that’s as far as I can see.

I jacked up the car but cant’ find anything underneath as well. Any suggestions so I can try the hammer trick and see if I can get this replaced.



I used a multimeter on DC V and having them attached on the battery head it hovered around 12.2 V. I had my wife turn the ignition and keep it there and it dropped to around 11.8-11.9 V

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  1. 5 speed transmission van the tiny starter motor is hidden under a metal heat shield right in front of the motor remove the two 10mm bolts then take back the silver colored heat shield then you can tap the starter housing. Most likely (sorry to say) you will need to get that starter warrantied or replaced at the Nissan Dealer. I am a dealer mechanic and see many and I replaced only one starter so far on a 2007 Quest.

  2. 07 Nissan Quest

  3. I work on them there great and think you should also look at the 4.0 liter V-6 Pathfinder for a little more truck. And the power and looks not so much like a mom taxi. The new quest really is a good choice for family duty.

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