Where is the radiator fan switch located on a Chrysler PT Cruiser with a 2.4 liter engine?

I am speaking of the fan switch. I don’t need the location of the fan relays which lay beneath the battery I am told.

Yeah, its the electric fan thermostat, or whatever you want to call them. It does the same thing. Please don’t refer me to other sites, that really doesn’t help. I have looked through forums, and ran different search engines like google, and this didn’t help. If you don’t know the answer don’t respond.

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  1. I own a shop, and what you need to do is this; First check the fuse for the fan/fans. Establish that you have power (12 volts), and the fan is making a good ground. You can unhook the wires to the fan, and hot wire it to test the fan motor, and then follow the wires from the fan back to the relay, and from the relay back to the thermo-switch (temp sending unit) which is usually located in the top portion of the engine, and most of the time around the water outlet that houses the thermostat. Since this switch works off ground, you can unplug it, and jump the two connectors together, and the fan should come on, if the relay is good. If not; then replace the relay.

    Glad to help out, Good luck!!!

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  4. Go ahead and replace the fan module, if the fans are not coming on. I used to work at a Dodge dealership and we replaced several fan modules on PT Cruisers. They were the only real problem with those cars that I ever saw.

  5. Radiator fan do not have a switch. They are temperature controlled.

  6. Google “PT cruiser forum” and do a search on the websites it pulls up.

  7. factory cars do not have a fan switch…they are temperature controlled, unless you hook up a switch to control it yourself

  8. call the chrysler dealer

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