where do Lord Death and Kishin Asura fight?

from the anime soul eater

2 Answers

  1. they fought twice

    first time in death city (episode 20 or 21)

    second time in the death room (episode 49 probably, give or take)

    that’s all i’ll tell you because its a spoiler

  2. Asura Vs Death

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Say what you will about Soul Eater’s anime; most fans can’t deny the fact that it was responsible for giving us some of the most fluid, well-choreographed fights in any anime series of its time. Taking place in a cryptic world in which young weapons meisters fight with the assistance of other students who can transform into the weapons they use to fight, most episodes of the anime included a battle in one form or another.

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Still, like all fight-centric anime, some battles are more memorable than others, which is why we wanted to highlight 10 of Soul Eater’s best fights. If you feel like we missed anything, feel free to let us know in the comments, but please don’t get too angry. We wouldn’t want anyone turning into a Kishin over this…


Although Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki always maintained a friendly rapport, Death the Kid’s appearance shook up this relationship. In a battle that taught us just as much about Soul Wavelengths as it did about Kid’s tremendous strength, Death humiliated Soul and Black Star after making short work of two of the show’s most cocky characters. Despite being such good friends, Soul and Black Star weren’t fit to work together at all. We get dizzy to this day thinking about how many pints of blood they lost just from Black Star trying to pick Soul up.


While Maka, Death, and Black Star went ahead to stop the Kishin from receiving a drop of black blood, Stein and Medusa engaged in the fight of their lives. Not only were we excited to get another team-up between Professor Stein and Spirit Albarn, but we also got to see Medusa employ her own arrow-centric magical abilities. This climactic battle between two of the series’ most formidable tacticians kept us on the edge of our seats, and at one point, we actually thought that Stein wouldn’t make it out alive. Serving as the start to his internal battle with his own madness, the victory was diminished by the simultaneous revival of the Kishin.


Despite having been killed before the events of the series, Sid got a lot of shine in the anime, demonstrating not only his versatility with a range of weapons, but his durability as a member of the undead. When he made his anime debut, many fans remember this fight as one that truly marked the start of the anime, giving us our first team-up involving Maka and Black Star while also shedding some light on the extent of their abilities.

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Sid would’ve been sent to the grave a second time had Maka not messed up her Witch Hunter, but we have to admit, there’s something to appreciate in these earlier episodes where Maka, Black Star, and Kid nearly killed each other during fights where they were supposed to be working together.


The first time Maka faced off against Crona, she wasn’t prepared for his strange techniques, and as a result, Soul nearly died. When the two met underneath the Academy, Maka, though stronger than the last time they fought, still couldn’t break through Crona’s defenses even with her Witch Hunter. When all else failed, she found herself overcome by her own madness, giving Crona a Joker-style beatdown. But this fight wasn’t so much about defeating Crona as it was about saving him from his own madness. In the end, it took Maka being enveloped by that same madness for her to save him from his dark, lonesome past. And yes, we cried too.


After seeing how much trouble Maka had during her first fight against Crona, we feared Stein would’ve found himself in a similar predicament. Thankfully, Stein’s years of experience and his proficiency with his original partner, Spirit, along with his ability to attack directly with his Soul Wavelength, enabled him to overwhelm Crona until Medusa intervened. And thank goodness she did. Stein probably would’ve dissected Crona if she hadn’t come to his rescue.


Some time ago, Tsubaki’s older brother, Masamune, became the Enchanted Sword, a demonic katana capable of granting the user the powers of darkness. After getting ahold of the sword, Tsubaki was able to go inside of it to fight her brother in a battle that was equal parts dramatic as it was deadly.

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As if it already wasn’t difficult to picture them fighting inside of the katana, Tsubaki and Masamune were also able to use the weapons that they transformed into during their fight, almost as if they themselves were the meisters, but in demonstrating her own skill against her brother, Tsubaki proved why she and Black Star are in a league of their own.


In the anime, Black Star and Mifune fought a total of three times, but we feel like their second fight was their best. Now fighting Mifune with the power of the Enchanted Sword under his belt, we weren’t sure if Black Star would walk out of this fight as the victor. Unfortunately, Mifune’s expertise enabled him to overcome Black Star without gaining a scratch, and he finished Black Star off with his rather excessive Twenty-Four Swords Multiplication Mode. This fight was fast-paced, with few pieces of heavy exposition to get in the way of action. Yet if it wasn’t for him losing here, Black Star would’ve never discovered the true power of the Enchanted Sword, showing us all that sometimes, it takes several losses to truly get the win that you deserve.


During their fight against Mosquito, Arachne’s top underling, Maka, Black Star, and Kid were beaten into the ground by this powerful fighter, unable to cause damage to his resistant, hulking form. In playing the piano that resided within his own soul, Soul was able to bolster their Chain Resonance, enabling them to unleash a string of joint attacks against Mosquito to the tune of some truly ominous music. Of course, the highlight of this battle was its conclusion, with Maka debuting her Genie Hunter that was strong enough to carve through Mosquito’s hardened body like butter.


During their first encounter with Kishin Asura, Black Star and Kid were overwhelmed. After growing stronger since that point, our trio of meisters met Kishin Asura in the series’ final battle. Kid and Black Star actually managed to hold their own against a stronger version of Asura, highlighting just how much they had grown, but of course, the big moment in this battle came with the revelation that Maka could turn herself into a weapon.

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After seeing Kishin Asura go up against the likes of someone like Lord Death, we weren’t convinced that Maka would be enough to strike fear into his heart, but we have to admit, that final punch he took to the face was definitely one he had coming.


Lord Death and Kishin Asura fought a grand total of two times. During their first fight, we were introduced to a darker side of Lord Death, serving as the realization that he wasn’t just some goofy old geezer behind a mask, but a malicious preserver of peace. He would’ve destroyed Kishin Asura here if it weren’t for him being unable to leave Death City, but when he found a way to bring Death City directly to Kishin Asura, their battle picked up right where it left off. Though the second fight was much shorter than the first, the powerful techniques these two used during both of these encounters made us wonder just how far the combat system in this universe went, which compelled many of us to delve headfirst into the manga to see more of what Lord Death could do.

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