Where did the name “Blackie Chan” come from?

I’m thinking this is a quote from the movie rush hour but im not sure does anyone know where its from? or is it just completely made up?

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  1. It’s a quote from “White Chicks”

  2. Blackie Chan

  3. The first person I ever heard use that term was Chris Tucker in a tv interview about the movie ‘Rush Hour’. He jokingly referred to himself as Blackie Chan. It went something like this, “Y’all know who Jackie Chan is…well I’m Blackie Chan!”

    I’m not saying he started it but he’s the first I ever heard use it. This was back in 1998.

  4. It’s from white chicks… the two black guys are cops and they’re in a robbery or something and one of the guys starts showing off karate like moves and the other guy’s like “ok blackie chan”

  5. This Site Might Help You.


    Where did the name “Blackie Chan” come from?

    I’m thinking this is a quote from the movie rush hour but im not sure does anyone know where its from? or is it just completely made up?

  6. https://shorturl.im/Fx2rp

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  8. i don’t think it was in rush hour although i might be mistaken there but it is definitely inspired by rush hour at the least.

    come to think of it that does sound like something that would be said in that movie.

  9. Obviously you don’t know where Bruce Leroy came from.

  10. You can google it and it comes up and refers to black martial artist.

Relevant information

Charles “Blackie” Chen or Chen Chien-chou (born 2 May 1977 in Kaohsiung) is a Taiwanese television host, actor, basketball manager, entrepreneur, and a former basketball player. He is also the founder and current chief executive officer of the Taiwanese professional basketball league P. League+.


Chen at the 5th


Supau Cup Mini-Marathon in 2007

Chen Chien-chou made the Chinese Taipei junior national team when he was 18 and played in the 1995 ABC Under-18 Championship, where they finished 5th.

Although only 190 cm (short for even Taiwanese basketball player standards), Chen played in the paint. He modeled his game after Charles Barkley, also an undersized big man (hence his English name of “Charles Chen”). In 1999, after missing the cut for the Chinese Taipei national basketball team, he played for the B national team at the William Jones Cup.

Later, playing for a club in the Singaporean league (where he led the league in scoring and rebounding), he tore his anterior cruciate ligament for the second time in an accident. His basketball career ended prematurely as a result.

In 2020, along with Taipei Fubon Braves, Formosa Dreamers, Hsinchu Lioneers, and Taoyuan Airape, he founded a Taiwanese professional basketball league, P. League+, serving as the CEO and founder.


Chen became a performing artist, and a host of numerous variety shows.[1][2] Because of his dark skin, he has come to be known by the nickname “Blackie”, it is also because the name rhymes with Jackie Chan, in which they both are trained in judo, which Blackie obtained a blue belt. He has been in a relationship with Christine Fan for 10 years, before finally getting engaged in 2010.[3] They were married in Taipei on May 7, 2011.

Currently the team leader and head of marketing for the Taiwan Beer Basketball Team, Chen directed a 2008 documentary entitled Attitude (態度) on the team’s quest to become Super Basketball League champion. The documentary was well received and earned him widespread acclaim and accolades from the Taiwanese film industry. Many consider it the high-water mark of Taiwanese sports related documentary films.

Chen is also a television personality and host for several television shows. He is slated to play Peng Dehuai in the highly anticipated miniseries Untold Stories of 1949, to be produced for HBO Asia.

Chen, along with his wife Christine Fan, are also the co-founder and spokespeople for the Love Life campaign, after becoming a Christian, as influenced by her mother-in-law while Christine was recovering from severe depression and mild anorexia.[citation needed]


Year Title Role Notes
2001 Expect a Miracle (蘋果咬一口)
2005 Perfect Match (天生絕配) Charlie
2007 I Wish (奇妙的旅程) Lee Bing
2008 Attitude (態度) himself documentary, also producer
2009 Love Life himself documentary, also producer
The Wedding Game (大囍事) Tom
2010 Future X-Cops (未來警察) Misfortune
2013 Amazing (神奇) Blackie

Television series[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2001 Six Friends (青春六人行)
2002 Purple Corner (紫色角落) Chang Shih-chuan
Meteor Garden II (流星花園II) Hsin
2004 Love Bird (候鳥E人) Wang Li-hsin
2005 A Story of Soldiers (再見,忠貞二村) Shao Chan-sheng
The Sour Pack (醋溜族)
2006 Mico, Go! (米可,GO!) Peter
2007 The Teen Age (18禁不禁) School Superintendent
2010 Summer’s Desire (泡沫之夏) Host cameo
2015 Lonely Gourmet (孤獨的美食家) Charles

Variety show host[edit]

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