Where can I find the vegetarian meat alternative “Veet”? I can’t find it online.?

I’ve been looking for a chicken alternative called “Veet” for quite some time now. It used to be sold in stores near me but has disappeared. I have no idea where to get it or who to order it from.

Anyone know?

Google searches only bring up the hair removal cream and various vegetarian dishes or references.

2 Answers

  1. no luck here but there is product called TVP a vegetable protein granules it looks liek grounmd up chicken or meat fro tacos or whatever u want..in the grocer flour section.. it is a meat substite u add hot water to it let it set for ten minutes and add herbs to make ti taste good. it can be bought at health food stores as well.

  2. tegal. co.nz 🙂 you’re welcome

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