Where can I buy a Hollywood Undead Undead Army Dog Tag Necklace?

Where can I buy a Hollywood Undead necklace.?

I’ve seen some images of a Hollywood Undead Undead Army Dog Tag Necklace but only images not products. They must have some products if they have pictures. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE at all the sites too but I can’t find any.

And I’ve tried looking for a tote bag of Hollywood Undead too, then again it’s the same problem. Only having images and not products.

So can anyone help me out?

If you know anywhere where i can get them at please tell me!!!

And don’t tell me E-Bay because i’ve already looked all they are selling is the CD and shirts but i don’t need!!!!!

Please &&& thank you C:

Here’s what the dog tag looks like :


6 Answers

  1. go to a jewellers, buy the tag in the same shape and colour and ask them to inscribe it for you, just take in a pic and they should be able to do it.

  2. Army Tag Necklace

  3. https://shorturl.im/awItN

    Buy your shirt at the concert. They’re one of a kind, sometimes, plus you’ll have a story to tell when people make a comment about your shirt. Maybe you could have the band sign your shirt, if you want.

  4. i bet they sell them at there shows or hot topic or the bands online store maybe

  5. Try hottopic!

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