What’s the circle plant thing called that you hang up during Christmas?

You know that grass donut looking thing that you hang up during Christmas? I want to know what it’s called. You usually see them on doors and on the front of cars.

I think it’s the Mistletoe, but I also think that the Mistletoe is the unedible vegetable that you hang up between doorways and when 2 people cross under it at the same time, they have to kiss.

Just a curious question, nothing serious, but thanks for any help.

7 Answers

  1. a wreath

  2. A wreath. Usually made from Pine, Holly or a Vine

  3. They are called Wreaths, and there are different kinds.

  4. Are you mildly or moderately retarded? Wreath.

  5. miseltoe

  6. :<) WREATH… It’s unanimous!

  7. it is called a wreath.

    aren’t they festive and pretty?(;

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