what’s that Metallica song that goes “na na na na, na na na, na na na na na”?

a few of my friends say “fuel” and a my dad and a few other friends say “the memory remains”. i cant tell by listening to either song

5 Answers

  1. The Memory Remains featuring Marianne Faithful

  2. i would agree with the people who say memory remains. Just type in metallica lyrics in google or something and the click on insanity palace of metallica, they have the lyrics to most metallica songs.

  3. If its not The Memory Remains, its probably Fade To Black.

  4. Just going nananana isn’t really gonna help, but i guess you should search up the songs your friends mentioned to you and see which one it is.

  5. It’s sad when James Hetfield doesn’t recognise his own songs.

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