What time does the key copier at Walmart close?

I don’t go to Walmart very often. The one in my town is open 24 hours, though. Is the key copier open 24 hours, as well? If they close, then at what time?

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  1. Technically they may still be able to make copies of your keys during the late night/early morning hours, but if you want the most trained/experienced key-copier, I’d go sometime between 9 am – 6 pm. The best shifts are often taken by those with the most seniority. Perhaps call ahead of time to see if there is an experienced key-copier there if you’re going at a non-peak time.

    My current Walmart has a Tire & Lube Express that makes the keys, and I believe they are open until 7 pm. The Walmart where I worked in New Mexico made their keys in the hardware department and they had a hardware associate there until 10 pm.

    I once decided after one of my shifts (11 pm) to get a key cut, and one of the overnight associates gave his best attempt. It was only his second time cutting keys and only one of the three copies he made worked. Keys are returnable if they don’t work, but there’s no reason to stand in that long Customer Service line if you don’t have to.

  2. Key Copier

  3. At 7:43 and 54 seconds P.M.

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