What the pros and cons of going to church?

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  1. Pros- I MAY go to heaven in the afterlife

    Cons- I have to wake up early

    – I miss football

    -I have to sit through boring sermon

    -I get told how I’m going to hell.

  2. The Pros for going to church are 1. You are fulfilling God’s desire that you belong (as a member) to a church body and tith to that church (10% of your income). 2. You are present to hear God’s word being preached/spoken to the congrigation, and therefor you are understanding God’s word to the fullest. 3. Going to church may encourage you to read your Bible, thereby fulfilling another of God’s request of Christians, to know His word.

    As far as Cons go, I strongly believe that any Pros in this situation would over rule all the Cons. However, this choice is for you to make. The Cons will vary depending on which Religion you are (Baptist, Catholic, Christain-not a religion-, etc.). The only ones I could give Cons for are Catholic church and Christian Evangelical church.

    Catholic church is very repetative, and extemely formal… everything is done one way, and they don’t change it up. Even from congrigation to congrigation, everything is done the same way. The Catholic church is also very traditional, and they read from the Bible, but they don’t always encourage single person Bible study, if any Bible study at all. Also, Catholic’s have certain beliefs that are not incorporated in the Bible… such as the Immacualte Conceptaion (which, by the way is not the conception of Jesus Christ in Mary, but rather the conception of Mary in her mother’s whomb). Another would be the weight of sins…. the difference between a mortal sin and a venial sin. (Mortal being murder, and a venial being telling a lie so that you could save the life of an innocent man in the court room). In the Bible, a lie and murder are seen equal in the eyes of God.

    For the Christian Evangelical church, there are similar cons, such as corruption having occured recently, for the Catholic’s it was the Preists that were molesting the children, and for the Christian Evangelical church it was corrupt Evangelists running around and taking people’s money. Also, an Evangelical church is more up-beat and modern, rather then traditional. Evangelical church will vary from congrigation to congrigation, just becuase unlike the Catholic church, the Evangelical Christian’s have non-iniformal ways… the Pastors are the ones who decide what takes place during the church service. For example, some Pastors will encourage that the bread and wine be shared at every Sunday service, others say only once a month, and still others say only once every year. A Catholic church provides the Eucharist every church service.

    I hope this little bit of background information will help you on your way!

    ~God bless

  3. Some people need a church to provide them with the continuity of faith. Others faith is strong enough to perservere without going to church. Church is not the answer, the answer is faith. If you are not sure what to do, quiet your mind through prayer and meditation, ask for the answer, and listen. Remember, patience can only be taught over a period of time. When you feel peace in your soul, you will know that you have the answer you need.

  4. Pros = you get to show off your car to those who will no doubt tell you to thank god for it.

    Cons = they might make you eat stale crackers and warm grape juice. Oh and they will ask you to pay for the show with bad singing and lectures. They will ask that you send your children to a class with a 50% chance a peodophile is waiting to have a good time with them there. Uh, you might buy into the rhetoric and keep coming back week after week until you loose your mind and show up armed one day, ready to take them all to heaven with you………I could go on all day. You could be poisoned at a pot-luck dinner by a kook. You could trip on your choir robe and break your neck.

  5. The truth is going to church makes it possible for you to fellowship with other believers. It’s the pause that refreshes. It makes it possible to help others too. That’s where you heal the sick, pray for others, and to praise God Almighty! We were designed for praise.

    Cons should go too. Pretty soon they’ll be pros.

  6. Pro: It keeps you out of worse places, such as polling stations.

    Pro: Your mother/wife knows where you are for at least one hour each week.

    Con: The churches are full of them. Cons, that is. (See link.)

  7. Con – No late Saturday nights… Don’t go to church still drunk or really hungover…

    Pro – You won’t go to hell for what you do on your Friday nights…


  8. the only cons in going to a church is to see prosperity teachers, or healers in some cases(like benny hinn),and they are especially present in mega-churches, but God Loves everyone, if he hated any, he would probally not be the same, or send them to hell, but that intreptation of God is not correct, for God is perfect,sinless,and a Good(Great) God, so he gives us all a chance, through volition(or free will),but we get to choose how we spend enternity, tormentful or blissful, it’s all upto you, just follow the guidelines of Jesus, believe that in your heart that He is all that he says he is, and confess your need for him, and the wanting to have you sins atoned,and forgiven!

    and you shall be saved

  9. Pro: puking in church because of my hangover

    Con: Don’t get to stay home and laugh to myself as my wife holds a bucket for me to puke in

  10. Pro: You have a trump card for any evangelists you meet.

    Con: You have to get up early to be lectured on one of your precious days off.

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