What song is played at the end of Harper’s Island Episode 11? When Cal and Chloe die.?

What is the name of the song that they play when Cal and Chloe die? It was such an emotional scene and a very good song.


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  1. Letters from the Sky -Civil Twilight

  2. Civil Twilight — Letters From The Sky


  3. me 2 cullen i loved chloe and cal i hated when they died i hated when chloe said, “you can’t have me” then let herself fall off the bridge that scene was so beautiful. i wish that jimmy and shea had died instead of cal and chloe the song was Civil Twilight — Letters From The Sky

  4. I loved that scene! It was so sad, but it was perfect for them. I was on the verge of tears, and when Chloe said, “You can’t have me”, chills went up my spine. 😛 Anyway, the song is “Letters From The Sky” by Civil Twilight, if you wanna listen to it, here’s a YouTube link to the video..


    & the lyrics are..

    One of these days the sky’s gonna break and everything will escape and I’ll know

    One of these days the mountains are gonna fall into the sea and they’ll know

    That you and I were made for this

    I was made to taste your kiss

    We were made to never fall away

    Never fall away

    One of these days letters are gonna fall from the sky telling us all to go free

    But until that day I’ll find a way to let everybody know that you’re coming back, you’re coming back for me

    ‘Cause even though you left me here I have nothing left to fear

    These are only walls that hold me here

    Hold me here, hold me here

    One day soon I’ll hold you like the sun holds the moon

    And we will hear those planes overhead and we won’t have to be scared

    We won’t have to be, we won’t have to be scared

    You’re coming back for me

    You’re coming back for me

    You’re coming back to me

  5. Letters From The Sky-civil Twilight

    ok i know im a guy and everything, but i found it heartbreaking that Chloe and Cal died. Cal died for her and she killed herself. My favorite part is when Chloe says “You can’t have me” and John Wakefield is like “wtf?” and she lets go and falls and they float down the river together. it was sad. but intense. I was actually hoping they would be in the group of pple that survive.

  6. Nice song

  7. OMG

    i loooooooooove you

    ive been trying to find this song for 2 hours !


  8. I was real curious about this too. Thanks for the answers everyone.

    P.S. was that not the absolute most awesome Harper’s Island episode yet?

  9. thanks for asking this question, I really liked Cal and Chloe

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