What size should I get in Victoria’s Secret yoga pants/leggings?

I bought two pairs of Victoria’s Secret PINK crop yoga pants in mediums and they fit pretty well. I have a curvier shape, my waist is sort of skinny for my hips and butt and I’m 5’8. I recently bought 2 pairs of yoga leggings from Victoria’s Secret (not PINK) online in mediums and they’re sort of big and like uncomfortably loose and I have to keep fixing them at my waist.

If I get a SMALL instead of a medium in Victoria’s Secret yoga pants or leggings, do you think I could fit the small? I’m trying to just order online. Thank you!

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  1. Definitely go with ordering the small because although Pink && V.S. are associates, V.S. is made for women while Pink is made for i guess teenagers ? I hope that makes sense, it sounded much better in my head ._.

    but definitely go with the small, if not you know you can always return the leggings to your local V.S. store get a gift card && reorder them online for a smaller or bigger size 🙂

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  4. well if a medium’s too big, might as well try a small, right? youcould just go to the store they’re very nice and helpful and won’t bother you and stuff but you can always send them back or give them to a dear friend or compadre!

  5. Totally get a Small, if the medium’s were too loose.

    As you will wear them, they will stretch out a bit anyways, so totally get the small.

    you can always return them, without a cost

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