What should I draw for a girl I like?

I really like this one girl and she likes pictures a draw but I don’t know what i can draw her. Any ideas?

11 Answers

  1. I am a girl, so i would know what is sweat, and what is cheesy.

    Draw a heart, and maybe some animals she likes, or flowers, then show on one part of the picture, you and her doing something… If you want. Show her you love her. And don’t be afraid to ask her out. The worst thing she could say is no. But if she does, it’s ok, maybe, you need to like different girls, and they will say no. My boyfriend was the shakiest when he asked me out, and when i said yes, he was the happiest person alive….

    Hope this helps 🙂 Good luck

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  3. No offense to the other people but a rose is played out try drawing her in a different interesting beautiful or find out some of the things that she like to draw. Think of her personality

  4. https://shorturl.im/YM3B7

    No, it is not at all weird. In fact most people would much rather look at a bunch of girls than a bunch of guys. Many girls draw other girls more in an artistic way rather than sexually anyway. Also guys often draw “guy parts” rather than girls for whatever reason.

  5. A rose but a portrait of her always works and is the best if your good at drawing. TIP: if your not print a picture of her out and shade the back of the paper dark with pencil then lay tht picture with the pencil on the back on top of a blank piece. Pencil part down and trace over key features hardly 🙂 good luck sir

  6. Draw like a fancy rose or flower

  7. Next time she comments on your drawings, ask her if she wants one. And if so, ask her what she would like.

  8. Ask her if she would like to sit for a portrait. Girls like that kind of thing more than you know.

  9. A rose <3

  10. You should do a collage of animals like horses and stuff and then in the middle put. ‘Would you go out with me?’

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