what rap song has the intro of circle of life in it?

it is NOT crank that lion king

4 Answers

  1. Circle Of Life Remix

  2. rap song intro circle life

  3. crank that lion king 🙁

Growing up, I sang it as “NAHHHHHT-SYLVANIAAAA!” You sang something even sillier. But we’re adults now, and we can learn the actual words to the opening of “Circle of Life” from Disney’s The Lion King. Then we will sound much cooler when we lift something into the air like Simba. Here’s how to sing the song, and what it means.

The opening lines, and the rest of the non-English lines, were written in the Zulu language by South African composer Lebo M.

How to sing it

The opening line is transcribed as Nants’ ingonyama, bakithi, baba. Sithi hu ‘ngonyama. The refrain is Ingonyama nengwe ‘namabala. But unless you’re already familiar with the pronunciation rules of Zulu, that won’t do you much good.

What it means

The lyrics, like so much poetry, have some nuance that’s lost in English. The prosaic translation is: “Here comes a lion, father, Oh yes it’s a lion. A lion we’re going to conquer, a lion, a lion and a leopard come to this open place.”

But according to ScreenRant, a more appropriate translation is “Here comes the Lion.”

There’s a more generic Zulu word for “a lion,” but ingonyama means both lion and king. “A lion and a leopard” can also be interpreted as “a lion wearing the spots of a leopard”—like a regal cloak. The Broadway lyric video above translates the line as “The royal lion wears his leopard spots.”

What is “Circle of Life” really all about?

Based on the above, it’s almost as if, no offense, but this song isn’t about anything or at least nothing definitive. Rather life in and of itself is a grand experience which, similar to the concept of not being able to do it all, cannot be encapsulated in like a singular song. 

Rather there are a myriad of experiences, variables if you will, which are not only individual specific, but also shall we say species specific. That is the “circle of life”. It is such that none of us, when “we arrive on the planet”, know exactly what our future is. Thus it is up to us to “find our (own) place” in the grand scheme of things.

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