what is Y2+Y (Y squared plus Y equals?)?

i need this for my maths homework i cant work out wat the answer is, now i seem really dumb


8 Answers

  1. Use the method of factorising

    (y^2 + y) remember to take out a common factor so in this case its y

    = y(y + 1)

  2. y(y+1)

  3. im assuming that y2 is what you mean for y squared…


    Y^2 +y (y^2 +y) =

    y^2 +y^3 + y^2 =


  4. Factorise it?

    Here, y is the common factor in both terms.

    y^2 + y = y*(y+1)

  5. Answer is Y ² + Y

    If desired this may be expressed as Y ( Y + 1 )

  6. It depends on the value of y.

  7. y^2 + y; factor

    y(y + 1) <——-Answer


  8. y(y+1)…………Factorizing

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