what is the techno song that says do you believe in love?

what is the song that uses the lyrics “do u believe in love”….its sung by a girl(i think)?

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  1. It’s sung by Cher if it’s the same song I’m thinking of….

  2. Title: “Do You Believe In Love”. It was done by Cher in the early 00’s and it has 2 versions–the techno-dance remix and the regular, non-remixed one. Except for the length, they both sound the same.

Do You Believe In Love? Songfacts

Early in his career, John “Mutt” Lange wrote and produced this song for a British band he was working with called Supercharge, which issued it on their 1979 album Body Rhythm under the title “We Both Believe In Love.”

Supercharge had some success in Europe, but weren’t known at all in America, where the album wasn’t even released.In 1977, Lange produced two albums for a band called Clover, which was from San Francisco but had moved to England to make their mark. Elvis Costello thought highly enough of Clover to use them as his backing band on his album My Aim Is True, but the group couldn’t break through in Britain as they hoped. Returning to America, Clover regrouped as Huey Lewis & the News, got a deal with Chrysalis Records, and released their first album in that configuration in 1980. It flopped.

Chrysalis let them make a second album, but this time they had to have a hit.The label strongly suggested they record “Do You Believe in Love?” The band wasn’t thrilled with this idea: Clover’s work with Lange didn’t pan out, so why should they record another one of his songs? Lewis and his bandmates were determined to make music on their terms, but they were in their 30s and running out of time.

At the urging of their manager, Bob Brown, they recorded this “overly commercial” song for their second album. It ended up being their first hit, and the song that paid the bills. It was a teachable moment for the band, who worked hard from that point forward to create at least two hits on every album, even if it meant compromising a bit.

The original version of this song had this chorus:We both believe in love
We both believe its ours
You really feel the love
Oh you really make me see the starsHuey Lewis re-wrote it to:Do you believe in love?
Do you believe it’s true?
Do you believe in love?
And you’re making me believe it tooLewis knew he’d get better results by asking a girl if she believes in love rather than telling her she does.

Alex Call was the lead singer in Clover, and went on to write “Perfect World” for Huey Lewis & the News as well as “Jenny (867-5309)” for Tommy Tutone. Here’s what he told Songfacts about Lange’s production style: “Mutt is a real studio rat. He is Mr. Endurance in the studio. When we were making the records with him, he’d start working at 10:30, 11 in the morning and go until 3 at night, night after night. He is one of the guys that really developed that whole multi-multi-multi track recording. We’d do eight tracks of background vocals going, “Oooooh” and bounce those down to one track and then do another eight, he was doing a lot of that.A lot of the things you hear on Def Leppard and that kind of stuff, he was developing that when he worked with us. We were the last record he did that wasn’t enormous, and that’s not his fault, he did a really good job with us. The problem with us was our focus was too scattered. Huey Lewis was kind of the R&B guy, I was kind of the country guy, it just didn’t quite work. We used to do horn lines with pedal steel and harmonica – truly weird. Mutt is famous for working long hours. The story I heard about one of the Shania sessions, he had Rob Hajakos, who’s one of the famous fiddle session men down here. Rob was playing violin parts for like seven or eight hours and finally he said, ‘Can I take a break,’ and Mutt says, ‘What do you mean take a break?’ Rob goes, ‘Have you ever held one of these for eight hours under your chin?’ Mutt really loves to record, he loves music and he’s a real perfectionist and an innovator. An unbelievable commercial hook writer. I just wish that Shania had done one of my songs.” (Check out our interview with Alex Call.)

The first hit for the band. It got help from MTV, who put the video in rotation. It featured the band doing everything together, including one scene where they were all in bed with a woman. It’s not as kinky as it sounds.

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