What is the satisfactory method of joining joists that meet at right angles?

in wood working only please 🙂

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  1. Depends on the load. Light load, you can usually just nail them.

    You can use a Simpson bracket or plywood gussets.

    I would go with the Simpson bracket in the appropriate size for your joists.

  2. Joining Joists Together

  3. Hangers are the correct method. Just remember that the load of all those hung joists are transferred to the joist that the hangers are attached to. So that joist must be re-inforced, usually by doubling or tripling up, and bolting the 2 or 3 joists together so they become more of a beam.

  4. Sheet metal joist hangers where joist meets beam.

    If joist meets joist, something’s amiss somewhere.

    You could toenail the two members, and add gussets for strength, but those

    hangers are a lot easier and stronger.

  5. I would use joist hangers if possible. They are metal brackets that come in specific sizes for specific board sizes and can be purchased at Home Depot or other DIY builder stores. They can be nailed or screwed together and are code compliant in my experience.

  6. Simpson joist hangers work best for me.

  7. plywood gussets

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in wood working only please 🙂

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