what is the rate of the rooms found in pope pius catholic center?

the pope pius XII catholic center that is found in ermita manila. people said that it is a dormitory which accepts people who likes to stay in for how many days..

9 Answers

  1. Call: Pope Pius XII Catholic Center

    Address: 1175 UN Avenue , Ermita , Manila

    Telephone: (02) 536-1820

  2. Pope Pius Xii Catholic Center

  3. The RCC does not worship Mary. But she has a “special position”. The immaculate conception is a dogma, a cardinal point of doctrine for the RCC since 1854. This means: if you do not believe in it, you are not a catholic. Hello Tony Blair! “It was not until 1854 that Pope Pius IX, with the support of the overwhelming majority of Roman Catholic Bishops, whom he had consulted between 1851–1853, proclaimed the doctrine in accordance with the conditions of papal infallibility that would be defined in 1870 by the First Vatican Council.” Wikipedia. Immaculate conception is part of the dogma, no way around that Officially the RCC does not worship Mary. They only worship God. That is a laugh of course. Many months ago I have proposed a bet here, but received no response: Anyone who claims the RCC does not worship Mary is invited by me to make a tour through South Italy and Spain. We will interview people in churches and see what they have most in their homes: the croos or the virgin. The person who loses the bet pays the bill. I only stay in better hotels (non US, non chains) and only go to better restaurants. I suggest 3 weeks. We could also go to Poland, but I do not like the kitchen there, though they have good hotels. The RCC do not worship Mary, they just encourage the people to worship her and then act as if they can not stop the simple people. Catholics have found out from a very early stage that irrationality is the key to the religious market .That is why they win from the protestants. That is why they migh lose from more more irrational denominations.

  4. At the Old Building, room rate ranges between PHP850 (own room with A/C but common T&B) and PHP1200 (own room with A/C and T&B).

    At the New Building, room rate starts from PHP1700 upwards (easily comparable to a 3-star hotel) in size, amenities (with cable TV, own T&B and 2 double beds).

    I always stay there during my annual vacations, knowing that my money also goes to a very good cause.

    Tell the airport driver to take the Roxas Blvd. way for safety reasons. It is less than a kilometer away from the Western Police District located just after crossing Taft Avenue and/or the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Station, left side of the road just before the Unilever Plant.

    Main Entrance is along UN Ave, but the hotel entrance is located at the P. Corea St. side, with the exact coordinates shown below:

    Latitude: 14°35’6.35″N

    Longitude: 120°59’23.02″E

    Just a reminder though. 🙂 No lovebirds allowed except husband and wife. Man and woman couple will only be allowed if immediate family member! Or if you are in groups wherein ladies will be grouped together and men will be grouped together! 🙂

  5. what is the latest room rates in Pope Pius XII Catholic Center?

  6. room rates at pius hotel at new building

  7. 1200

  8. May I know the latest room rate if we are three in a room, my mother and my sister. we are all ladies.

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    go online and make further enquiries

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