What is the rap song that goes like one step two step three step four?

What is the rap song that goes something like one step two step three step four or one up two up three up four or something like that. Then it goes na na na na na na or la la la la.





BTW, its not la la la ft busta rhymes

Nope, not Comfortable by Lil Wayne

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  1. Comfortable by lil wayne?

  2. Step Four Na

  3. The lyrics are just right and its a excellent beat to go by way of. I`d provide it an 8/10, probably eight.5/10 but when you had the word float collectively correct and a good beat, then ya i might purchase this track and feel others would adore it as good


Two-Step Three-Step Four-Step Five-Step Lyrics

I can’t deal with what’s really going on
And I can’t deal with the faces I put on
It’s only a distraction, it’s only a distraction
Not a lesson, not a tool
It’s only a distraction that’ll keep me awake for awhile
As I’m sure you’d like me to be able talk about things
I’ll be interesting, I’ll be engaging, I’ll be listening to you
It looks so great, what they’ve got in the screen
How lovely of a world that is, I’d love to be there
Maybe I’ll visit someday in my dreams
But I can visit it now on my screen
And it looks so lovely
And it looks so serene

I’m living in fantasy!
I’m living in fantasy!
I’m living in fantasy!
I’m living in a fantasy!
I’m living out of a fantasy!
I’m living into a fantasy!
Transform me to fantasy!
What is this cruel world around me?
When they’ve got that great world in there
I’ll be sucked into it
I’ll be sucked into it
And I’ll grasp at my favorites, I respect them
I know them better than they know themselves

But until next time, I’ll talk about it
I won’t forget it, it’ll be on my mind
What really has to be on my mind?

I watch out ahead of me, don’t worry, I’m paying attention!
It’s all too real! It’s getting too real!
Teach others, don’t teach me
Don’t relate to my life, let me relate to yours
I’ll fall in love again, all over again, it’ll be gorgeous
And I’ll remember that fuzzy feeling, it’ll come right back
I’ll see it again on my screen
I’ll see it again on my screen
You remember me, you remember me
You remember me, don’t you?
I know you, I really do
I’m out here, you’re in there
You are nothing but a lie
I convince myself otherwise
Transform, you’re not fantasy
I’m living in fantasy
I’m living in fantasy
Take me out, pull me in
I can make it there
I can be in there with you
Make it real
Make this fake, and make that real

Real life is too real! Real life is all too real!
You’re not real! I like things that aren’t real!
I’m but a human, not perfection and I never will be
Take me out and into bliss

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