What is the name of the song that starts with, “I Blow My Smoke Up In Tha Air, Notice theres Haters Everywhere?

Its killin me, i hear it on the radio but cant find it anywhere

its not rihanna but its a remix of run this town, it might be local though

4 Answers

  1. B.O.B. – Haterz Every Where?

    just a guess

  2. https://shorturl.im/axYzr

    I’ve been a wrestling fan for 41 years. I enjoy watching Cena at work. And he’s one of the most entertaining on the mic. Most Cena haters are teenaged to young adult males who think it’s “cool” to hate faces. Cena’s the top face so they hate him more than the rest. They don’t care how much money he makes for the WWE. They don’t care that he’s a good role model and a great ambassador for pro wrestling to other media. What they do seem to care about is irritating other people. When pressed they’ll give the same three “reasons” for their hatred: 1. “he only no 5 mooves” 2. “he been de champ to long” 3. “cena sux” And they think by constantly and incessantly repeating this same stuff over and over they’ll convince real wrestling fans to hate Cena (or Jeff Hardy or Batista or whoever the top face is at the time), too. When that fails, they criticize other people’s spelling, because they have no other arguments.

  3. If It’s rihanna singing it, then i think, it’s run this town- Jay z, Rihanna and Kanye West

  4. its lil wayne, and javon blacks version and drake its on lil wayne’s mixtape

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