What is the name of that techno (?) song that goes “Whoa whoa whoa whoa-oh, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa-whoa-wa

-wa-oh”? Help appreciated. Thanks 🙂

9 Answers

  1. I think it might be zombie nation.

  2. Can you say that a little better. I can’t quite make out the whoa is it more of a woe ahhh or a woe ?

  3. crazy thing is i know what song your talking about and i have it on a few cds but not sure what the name of it is my guess ‘whoa’

  4. whoa

  5. Feelings

  6. ummm that crazy frog guy thing,song: whoa

    its probaly it

  7. Tarzan boy, i think, by Baltimora. I can’t remember if that actually the title.

  8. I agree with whte cloud.

  9. Lol…”woah” I suppose.

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