What is the movie?

I can not remember what movie this is, with what I remember, do you know what it is?

I saw the movie about four years ago, January of 2003. It may have been released in December-ish of 2002?

The only thing I remember is that it is about two cops who become partners, one is African American and one is Caucasian.

In one part of the movie, the one cop falls of the bridge into a garbage barge below, at which point he puts a car air freshener around his face near his nose.

What movie is it?

3 Answers

  1. national security i think?

  2. National Security (2003)

    Martin Lawrence & Steve Zahn play the cops. Actually they are security guards but anyway they jump into the garbage to escape the guys trying to kill them..

    It’s a pretty good movie…

  3. Blue Streak….probably. I think the character there is Martin Lawrence. I remember that scene where the wore that pine tree cardboard air freshener on his face because he landed on a garbage barge.

    Try this link and see if it’s the guy.


    Was the movie… Bad Boys? Can’t be because Will Smith is also African-American

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