What is the meaning of the phrase “neither cricket nor correct”?

From the book Fahrenheit 451, the phrase “neither cricket nor correct” is either used to describe a woman or a situation, I can t tell.

3 Answers

  1. The phrase “it’s not cricket” – rather old-fashioned, now – means “it’s not fair play,” or “not sportsmanlike.” So the comment says that whatever is going on is neither fair nor right.

  2. Since most of us have not memorized Fahrenheit 451, it would help if you provided some background information.

    As a guess, I’d say it’s describing a situation. But why don’t you supply some background.

  3. “It” is the situation. “Cricket” means “fair.” The situation was unfair and wrong.

Relevant information

It’s not cricket

,” we say, or used to say, whenever people subvert our notion of fair play.

While growing up and playing cricket, one came across the phrase, ‘

It’s not cricket

‘ which basically referred to unsportsmanlike behaviour either in sports or life in general and related to fairness in conduct or approach.

At 16, she signed for Rank and made her name in comedies like Here Come the Huggetts and

It’s Not Cricket

. In 1949, she got her first leading roles in Diamond City and Dance Hall.

It’s not cricket

as we say in England and we want it to be a fair fight.

MULTAN — Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has called upon Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan to avoid irresponsible behaviour in politics, saying

it’s not cricket


Nope, it’s not a frickin port, it’s not some Bollywood starlet’s latest “game”,

it’s not cricket

, it’s not a rip-off and it’s not a clone .

It’s not cricket

‘s fault but our fault for not watching.

–2010 ‘”

It’s not cricket

!”: Victorian Aboriginal cricket at Coranderrk’, The La Trobe Journal, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, no.

“I’m not sure what’s the right term in Australian terminology, I guess

it’s not cricket

to do these kinds of things,” Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa told reporters during a visit in Perth.

Daniel Radcliffe appears on The Third Man and Neil Finn of Crowded House sings the final chorus on the album’s closer, Nudging And Nurdling, while commentary royalty Henry Blofeld and David “Bumble” Lloyd make cameos on

It’s Not Cricket

and Boom Boom Afridi, a tribute to Pakistan’s aggressive batsman Shahid Afridi, respectively.

There could be no more wounding rejoinder to a man for whom ‘

It’s not cricket

‘ summed up all that was evil.

SHORTSTOP When you’re born, perhaps with a talent One simply must not remain silent Go for it, and try your best Become qualified, then go west Don’t think you control your life You’ll never cut money, with a bread knife It matters not the course your world takes You’ll be in the next one in two shakes No matter how hard you may strive No one ever escapes alive So in the whole scheme of things One needs power and a pair of wings You may want to say “Oh Stick it” Life can be sweet, but

it’s not cricket

So you’ve missed it, whoops it’s gone That’s the time to move on Jock Brownlee Wood End, Coventry.

The judge told the court: “‘

It’s not cricket

‘ was an adage.


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